Contours Health Club + Spa is nestled in the Topanga Canyon Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. With its proximity to Los Angeles, Contours provides a posh escape from the bustling city as well as a full service/upscale workout facility for the residents of Topanga Canyon.Contours finds balance between natural and glamorous to create a hippie-chic … Read More


Clifton’s Cafeteria is an iconic Downtown Los Angeles restaurant  operating on Broadway since 1935. The original design was inspired by the Santa Cruz mountains.Our interior adaptive reuse keeps the original culinary escapism alive by restoring the cabin-inspired wood facade and preserving the interior themed elements. The new tenants would modernize the altruistic intent of the … Read More

The Galley

 The Galley //This beach house was designed for Kitchen and Bath class. The project involved space planning the first floor and detailing the kitchen and bathroom.Both the plan and the renderings were processed through Revit.  

Common Roots Cafe

Common Roots Cafe is located in an old brick building in a small college town. The skinny building gains space with elements that span multiple floors: the bookcase bringing light into the basement and the birch trees that start from the basement and reach up to the third floor. The cafe is set up with multiple areas to apease different … Read More

La Paz

Elevations // Floor Plan //


Elevations // Floor Plan //